“If tyranny and oppression come to this land. It will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” 
― James Madison

Mission and Basic Rules


The Patriot Act is a Super Group unlike any other. We continue to fight for Freedom and Liberty the World over. We continue to support Champions Online and the community that keeps the dream alive. Help us grow our gaming Universe and support the game we all love.

Simple Rules of Our Members

1. No Drama (bad kind), if you can't get along with people and resolve conflicts and issues like adults this is not the group for you.

2. By wearing the tag you represent each and everyone of us. Your views and comments reflect on all of us. Do not misrepresent the group or bad mouth other players or the game. Be kind and respectful at all times

3. By joining Patriot Act you are required to have one costume in our group colors. This means all three colors are to be represented. You are not required to wear this costume at all times. We only have these costumes during group events or public appearances.